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Thess Green | Garden Construction & Maintenance Thessaloniki


Like all living organisms, our plants need specialized care and maintenance. In order to be able to enjoy and enjoy your garden, its proper and diligent maintenance is a prerequisite.

The company "Thess Green" which is located in Thessaloniki, with experienced and specialized staff, can consistently and professionally undertake the maintenance of gardens in homes and businesses ensuring the best result for you.

Depending on the particularities of each garden, the experienced agronomist can suggest aesthetic interventions so that the garden is an oasis of greenery.


The services we provide for maintenance
of your garden are the following:
  Fake Turf Cutting
  Pruning plants & trees (Shape & Flowering)
  Cleaning the space from leaves
  Irrigation control & management
  Lubrication & Disease Control
  Weed Control
  Agricultural Support
and everything else you need to always enjoy a beautiful garden.

We are at your disposal to carry out the permanent maintenance of gardens in homes and business premises throughout Thessaloniki and in the wider area.

With the know-how we have and the perfect equipment you can be sure that nothing will be missing from your garden. His many years of experience in the field and long-term collaborations with customers throughout Thessaloniki, make our business the best choice for your garden.

Contact us to discuss your wishes, to consider the needs of your space and to suggest the ideal solutions. We serve directly the whole of Thessaloniki and the wider area.