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Thess Green
Garden Construction & Maintenance Thessaloniki

Our company "Thess Green" which is located in Thessaloniki, is active in the field of landscape architecture, construction and garden maintenance, providing quality and complete solutions in homes and businesses in Thessaloniki and the wider area.

Thanks to our many years of experience, the complete equipment and the high training of our workshops, we can undertake and complete the design, construction and maintenance of your garden, faithfully following your wishes.

We can cope with any demanding work, in small and large scale green projects, always applying modern techniques that will ensure you a beautiful and functional garden.
With love and passion

We undertake to turn your space into the garden of your dreams, taking care of even the smallest detail.

We carry out all the stages of creating the garden: the design with the use of photorealistic program on the computer, earthmoving, automatic irrigation networks, installation of sowing and synthetic turf, planting, pruning, spraying and generally that has to do with the construction and maintenance of large and small gardens.

Our goal is to complete with absolute success even the most difficult and demanding projects by providing quality and economical solutions for the construction and maintenance of gardens in homes, in commercial spaces, as well as in public spaces.

For any work of design, construction and maintenance of gardens throughout Thessaloniki Thessaloniki and the wider area, contact our company and we will take care of your impeccable service.


to discuss your wishes, to examine the needs of your space and to suggest you the ideal solutions. We serve directly the whole of Thessaloniki and the wider area.