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Thess Green | Garden Construction & Maintenance Thessaloniki

A well-designed and constructed garden is a long-term investment that adds value to your home or business.

Guided by your needs and desires, our long experience and knowledge but also the soil-climatic and environmental conditions of the area, the company "Thess Green" which is located in Thessaloniki, can create gardens and green projects of high quality and unique aesthetics.

Always using the best materials and the ideal methods, your garden will become a place of calm, enjoyment, play and concentration that you will seek to spend the most important moments of your life all seasons of the year. We study your needs carefully, always aiming to create a unique result.

Automatic Watering
In modern garden constructions, the rational management of water is a basic rule, which is why the design and installation of a modern irrigation system is a necessary element. With the installation of automatic watering, we achieve both the correct distribution of water, depending on the needs of the plants and the season, as well as the least possible consumption.
Planting Plants
Our specialized staff, after studying your space, can suggest you the ideal plants for your garden and undertake their planting in it, creating impressive flower arrangements. After studying the area, we proceed to the elaboration of the phytotechnical study (selection of the plant depending on the composition of the soil and the climate of the area).
With our meeting we will choose the right type of turf that will best suit you and your needs. Our experienced staff will explain the differences between sowing turf and installing ready-made turf in a roll and will suggest the best for you.
Special Structures
Thanks to our long course in the field and constantly following the new developments, we can suggest you the ideal and functional constructions for your garden. We undertake construction of paths, fences and any other construction you wish for your garden.

If you want an elegant result in your garden or balcony, which you will enjoy without problems for years, then synthetic turf is the best solution.

Synthetic turf does not need maintenance, it is durable, offering a natural green look all year round without maintenance costs. It is an ideal solution for balconies, terraces, houses, hotels, parks, playgrounds, kindergartens, as well as sports centers.

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With love and passion

we create for you gardens that stand out for their unique aesthetics and their high functionality which is always adapted to your personal wishes.

All work is carried out with techniques that respect the environment, facilitate the maintenance of the garden and ensure its longevity. Our goal is to highlight the special characteristics of each space, primarily serving people and their needs, always respecting nature and the environment.

Contact us to discuss your wishes, to consider the needs of your space and to suggest the ideal solutions. We serve directly the whole of Thessaloniki and the wider area.